Registrations are closed!

Registrations have closed. Sorry for any inconvenience, but stay tuned for more tournaments!
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Mad Max Tournament

Society has collapsed. The rules that govern humanity have been shed. Everyone is a gladiator.

Join us for the Mad Max tournament, where large teams battle for supremacy. This is a single-elimination 8v8 8-team CTF tournament, where only teamwork and ruthless combat will bring glory to your faction. This is largely unrestricted gameplay; depots are enabled, customization is allowed, and all weapons are available.

Tournament begins March 23rd, 2019, at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Registration opens March 16th, 2019, at 1 PM Eastern Daylight Time, here on!
Registration will close after 12 teams have registered (8 participating, maximum of 4 on waitlist)
Unrestricted gaming
  • Weapon and armour may be customized.
  • Depots are enabled (restrictions apply).
  • Any primary weapon may be used.
  • Any secondary weapon may be used.
  • Any tactical item may be used.
  • Any gear item may be used.
Every challenger is unique
  • No one may equip the same Primary weapon as a teammate.
  • No one may equip the same Tactical item as a teammate.
  • No one may equip the same Gear item as a teammate.
  • The same Secondary weapons may be equipped by teammates.
  • Only one gear slot may be used.
  • (Cosmetic grenades are not considered unique)
Depot restrictions
  • No hardsuits.
  • No bots.
  • No swarms or stingers.
Maps in rotation
  • Vortex
  • Safehold
  • Rig
  • Convoy
  • Outpost
Server specific settings
  • Gamemode: CTF
  • CP Multiplier set to 1.5
  • Starting CP set to 800
  • Health multiplier is at 1.0 (default)
  • Cosmetic armour and weapons are disabled.
Additional rules
  • Players may pick up weapons from the ground.
  • Ping limits are not being enforced.
  • 1st place $20 PSN cards per person
  • 2nd place BCL Weapon Camo and BCL Weapon Tag
  • First place winners may choose between the PSN card or a set consisting of a BCL Body Camo, a Weapon Camo, and a Weapon Tag.
Checking In

Team captains must check-in their team prior to the beginning of the tournament. Check-ins will be open for a 30-minute window, starting one hour before the tournament (between 12:00 PM and 12:30 PM EDT). Your team may check-in using the Challonge website, or through the BCL discord. All team members are encouraged, but not required, to join the BCL discord.

Teams failing to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament will be disqualified.

Violations and Conduct

If there is a loadout violation, players will be asked to leave the match to fix their loadout. If the player fails to comply in a timely manner, the entire team will forfeit the match. Multiple violations may result in a team disqualification, at the sole discretion of BCL staff.

Players may only play on a single team. After joining a match, that player is locked into the team and may not participate in matches under any other team.


Disqualifications and bans may result from demonstrations of exceedingly poor conduct. By collective agreement, we will enforce all bans imposed by CBL.

Match victory conditions

The first round of the tournament will consist of a single match, and possibly a subsequent tie-breaker round to determine the victor. The semi-finals and finals will be determined by Best of 3, where the first team to win three matches will be declared the victor.

In the event of a tie, where both teams have captured the same number of flags, a 3-minute sudden death match will ensue on the next map in rotation. The first team to touch the enemy flag wins. If there is still a tie after 3 minutes, the referee will announce an end to the match, and a livestreamed coin toss will determine the victor.

After a match has ended, and the referee declares the winner, please vacate the server so the next teams may load and prepare.